11 Days Christian Holy Land & Italy Tours

Peter is quoted as saying “ I must see Rome”  From the Sea of Galilee to Rome, this trip will take you there. We visit the Vatican Museum,  the Sistine Chapel,  and  Mamertine Prison to mention only a few of the sights we will see today. Visit the Sistine Chapel , Cata Combs of San Sebastian, the dead sea, Mount of the Beatitudes and more.

We have four tours to choose from during the year. January, September, June and November.  Click the button below to view the itinerary and pricing.

Maranatha offers a variety of other tours through out the year. Visit the website to see the tours going to Jordan, Egypt , Turkey , Italy , Greece and more!

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Our brochure gives the intinerary, pricing and dates for all of our available tours.

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Have ever tried Falafel and wondered how they make this good and healthy dish? Below is a Falafel recipe you can use to bring that Middle Eastern flavor home.

Falafel Recipe

Falafel Recipe

Traveling thru the bible

Cooking thru the bible

11 Days Christian Holy Land & Italy Tours

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