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The most important decision you will make regarding a Spiritual tour is choosing the company that will arrange the tour for you. You are responsible to and for your people and must be sure they receive the best tour for their dollars spent. We present to you Maranatha Tours, Inc., and suggest you compare other companies to Maranatha before making a commitment.

Maranatha Tours specializes in Christian tours that visit places of the Bible or history that has developed our knowledge of the Bible and believes it is a ministry as well as a business. We have established a record of service and growth unique in this very competitive market.

Maranatha Tours was founded by Richard S. Reilly and Michael S. Reilly to promote Christian group travel. Dick Reilly’s unique background as a missionary in India, director of a mission society for 16 years, pastor, evangelist and a Youth for Christ leader, brought unusual insight into the ways and means of successful group travel. Though Dick Reilly has passed on, his Christian philosophy used in establishing Maranatha Tours lives on. Dick’s son, Michael, as President of Fellowship Tours for 16 years, managed one of the largest tour operations for Christian group travel in the United States and has been President of Maranatha since it’s opening. We are family owned and have his son, Greg in sales, daughter Jennifer handling all our operations. You will be very pleased with our staff’s professionalism and our concern for each detail.

By Greg Reilly



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