Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

Pick a tour, Pick a date & Travel

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

Pick a Tour , Pick a Date & Travel

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

Faith of Our Fathers

Visit the Stonehenge, the quaint cottage of C. S. Lewis. See where Robert Raikes held the first Sunday school. Step into the cleft of the rock where Augustus Top lady wrote Rock of Ages. Sing Amazing Grace at the graveside of John Newton.

Are you ready to embark on these experiences and make a lifetime of memories? Click the link below for additional details.

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

Footsteps of Paul & Peter

An all-inclusive tour that incorporates all of our must see destinations but with a biblical and historical twist!  You will be traveling through Athens, Rome, Pompeii and more. Giving the New Testament letters greater meaning you can see sites such as Pompeii, the Vatican Museum and the Roman forum.

We also have wonderful pre & post extension options in Greece and Italy.

Interested and wanting more information click the link below

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

Footsteps of Paul Greece

Imagine indulging in all of the beautiful scenery Greece has to offer. You will get to see sites such as the “Hanging Monasteries” perched on top of rock cliffs in Meteora , visiting Pella the birth place of Alexander and even the Temple of Zeus which is truly a sight to behold! The history of the land shows up and speaks for itself!

For more information and to see other sites on the tour click the link below!

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

Steps of Peter Italy

Envision yourself traveling through Italy to experience and see the footsteps of the Apostle Paul. Driving through the Amalfi coast, one of the most beautiful stretches of coastal line you will see! Walking in the ancient city of Pompeii making your way to Piazza del Campidolgio where you will see the best panoramic view of the valley of the Roman Forum. Seeing sites like the Mammertime Prison, the Arch of Constantine and even stopping for lunch  at the Trevi Fountain.  

Are you interested in booking this dreamy tour? Click the link below to see available dates and more information.

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

Seven Churches of Revelations Turkey

Travel through turkey to see the seven churches of revelations. During this tour you will also get to experience the local market Eminonu’s Spice Bazaar, see the massive Temple of Armetis, the Temple of Trajan and the Altar of Zeus. Travel to the ancient sit of Philadelphia, the church that received God’s highest commendation (Rev 3:7-13).  We will also travel to see the remains of the legendary city of Troy.

Interested in seeing what other cities and sites you can see in turkey? Click the link below to see further details!

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

Martin Luther Pilgrimage

From Berlin to Augsburg we travel through significant places in Martin Luther’s life. For example, the main workplace in Wittenberg, the Schlosskirche and St. Mary’s where he did most of his preaching and Erfurt which is known as his spiritual home.  We will visit sites like the Opera House, Moritzbastei, St. Nicolaus church and much more! We end our tour by visiting Oberammergau where we will get to watch in awe as the towns people perform the Passion Play which depicts the last hours of our lords life.

To see the tour dates available and request additional information please click the link

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

The Holy Land & Beyond

Travel to the Holy Land with our 10 -13 day tours we have available. Combine the Holy Land with Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Egypt and more.

Travel through the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, Old city and more. You will also be stopping in the ancient Jericho to see the views of the lush green Jordan valley, Elisha’s springs and Qarantal, the Mount of Temptation. This tour will leaving you feeling open and connected in ways you never thought would be possible!

For a list and in depth information on each Holy Land tour we offer click the link below.

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

Egypt & Jordan Exodus 

An all-inclusive tour where you will spend 8 days traveling through Egypt and Jordan seeing the Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx , St Catherine’s monastery and Mt. Sinai. Visiting Mt. Nebo where God showed Moses the Promised Land. One of the days we even take 4×4 wheel drive vehicles to see Egyptian mines and rock carvings!

So many unique and amazing sites and adventures await you on this tour! Click the link below to see tour dates and pricing.

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel


Ireland place where the ocean can meet the lush green mountain sides, grey stone buildings and create the most breathtaking scenery you have ever seen creating the most serene experience. 

Imagine traveling to Killarney and visiting “Heavens Reflex”, Bunratty castle which was an old Vikings trading camp. We will also be touring St maltose Church, the Castle and Cathedral, Church of ST. Canice. 

Is Ireland calling your name? Click the link in the below to the availability.

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel


Oh you Francey huh? I mean I’m sure we have all wanted to be at one point in our lives. Every person I have ever talked to about traveling has always put France on the wish list. Can you relate? Well here is your opportunity to make it happen!

Our 11 day France tour gives you the experience you will never forget! Travel and see the views of the Eiffel tower, Champs Elysees, Tulleries Gardens and the Notre Dame Cathedral. Enjoy a day of leisure laying on the beach in Monaco or shop in the local boutiques. 

Are you ready to make France happen? Click the link below to see the dates

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

The Holy Land

Imagine yourself in one of the most cultured, breath taking countries visiting historical sites you have always dreamed about. Your heart is filled with appreciation and joy as you travel through the bible. Envision yourself at the end of your journey in Israel, your heart is more open than ever before and your connection with lord strengthened. Doesn’t this sound like a magical experience?

We offer 8 – 11 day options for our Holy Land tour where we will take you to places such as Bethlehem which is home to the Church of the Nativity where we see the manger and the cave of St. Jerome.

Are you interested in seeing what other stops we will make
along the way? Click the link below!

Bible Tour Packages Maranatha Tours Travel

Passion Play 2020

The passion play is an event that the people of Oberammergau put on every ten years. It all started when the town was gripped by war, poverty and plague. The citizens vowed if they survived to perform this play every ten years and have held that custom ever since! During this play you will get to experience the lord’s final hour’s play out right in front of you! Bring the story to life in the most meaningful and beautiful way. 

We offer three different tour packages with the Oberammergau Passion Play.

You can choose from:

Luther Pilgrimage & Oberammergau

2.The Holy Land & Oberammergau

3. Germany , Switzerland & Oberammergau

Click the link below to see the different itinerary’s available to you.

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