Expand Your Bible Knowledge…READ THE BIBLE IN COLOR. If you have been on a pilgrimage, I need say no more. If you have not you will visualize the scriptures. LEARN about foreign cultures. You will gain a new understanding of problems your Missionaries encounter in travel and living in a foreign land. LEARN the geography. You will gain new insights into the relation of Biblical events to each other. See Bible events as more than stories, but real time-place history.

VISIT THE REST OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, visit sites that apply scripture from Ephesus to Thesolonikki, then to Rome and Athens. Bible knowledge will come with each visit.

SEE THE SITES: Jerusalem – Bethlehem – Mount of Olives – Sea of Galilee – Megiddo – Jericho – Capernaum – Massada –Tel Aviv – Tiberias – Bet Shean – Caesarea – Nazareth – Old City – Netanya – Dead Sea – Cairo – Luxor – Ras Sadr – St. Katherines – Petra – Mt Nebo – Amman – Athens – Corinth – Patmoas – Pazzouli – Rome – Assisi – Istanbul – Ephesus – Philadelphia and many others.

SENSE THE HISTORY: See on the ground prophecy being fulfilled. See contemporary history unfolding. Gain a new perspective of current events.
We have some really great tours through the Bible and at GREAT prices!

Click on the tours below to sign up:
• Join Us On Our Steps of Jesus to the Bible Holy Land
• “I MUST SEE ROME” a journey in Italy
•The “Footsteps of Paul” Greece
• The Seven Churches of Revelation in Turkey
• Join us on a Biblical tour of Egypt

What’s stopping you from taking your next trip of a lifetime? Sign up today and get ready for your bible to go from black and white to color!

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