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Walk the Appian Way in Rome 

This is a photo of our group walking the
Original Road to Rome

Our tours take this walk from Rome and learn from our guides about the history of the Appian Way and the church of Domine quo vadis.  Our “I must see Rome” tour is a complete tour around the Apostle Peter.


St. Peter was an apostle of Jesus and he was said to be the leader of the disciples. He took the Appian Way out of Rome to flee from persecution. According to scripture, this is when Peter saw Christ, who was crucified years earlier. Peter then asked Christ “Domine, quo vadis?” which translates to “Lord, where are you going?”. This phrase became very popular and became the name of the church that was built in that spot. 

Today the church stands as a Christian representation of Peter’s meeting with Jesus and Peter’s return to Rome to ultimately be crucified.

View the complete 8 day Italy Itinerary. 

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