Israel Sunsets: admiration for the beautiful sunsets in the land where Jesus walked.


We all know that Israel has many sights to see and many places to visit. Sometimes when we are traveling, we tend to forget to stop and take a good look at our surroundings. More specifically, we forget to capture those fleeting moments when the sun tucks itself away for the day.  In honor of those moments that bring a sense of calm to our otherwise busy tours of Israel, we’re dedicating this post to Israel sunsets. Seeing sunsets in Israel is among the most breathtaking experiences of the world! Pair that with a visit to historically rich locations and you’ve got an unforgettable trip that you will cherish for a lifetime.


The sunset as seen from the Sea of Galilee.


The sun continues to retreat.



It slowly makes its departure as we sail on.



The sun has not quite set yet.






The Lights of Tiberias give the city a glow.


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