Israel to Host 130,000 Holiday Visitors

An estimated 130,000 Jewish and Christian tourists are expected in Israel during the Passover/Easter holidays, Israel’s Tourism Ministry reported.

“There are many sites in Israel that are holy to different religions and the Tourism Ministry invests significant resources in order to encourage incoming tourism during the time of religious holidays,” Tourism Minister Dr. Uzi Landau said. “In addition to the historical and religious sites, tourists will enjoy spring weather and a wealth of cultural activities from the north to the south of the country.”

About 20 direct flights are expected in Ovda airport, bringing tourists from France, Russia and the UK to celebrate the Passover holidays in Eilat.

Occupancy levels in the most popular tourism destinations range from 80 to 100 percent, which the Tourism Ministry views as a vote of confidence given some continuing effects from last summer’s Operation Protective Edge and the continuing economic crisis in Russia, which is Israel’s second biggest source of incoming tourism.

For more information, please visit the ministry’s website.

Taken from the Israel Airports Authority website:

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