MTILOGOblue The Winner Is… 2014 SBC Conference Baltimore, MD. Traveling Thru The Bible Show takes us to the SBC conference and see how the trip for 2013 went and the Winner of this years 2014 Free Trip To Israel. A Must Watch! Just wait till the Winner is picked and see how they react IT IS PRICELESS.

We see what conventions Maranatha Tours will be at and another expert corner from Malcolm Cartier on the Temple Mount. We will be giving out some really big surprises at the conventions, so come out and say Hi! We are going to be in Las Vegas (Travel Agent Show) June 16 – 18 2014 and Portland, OR (General Conference) June 29 – July 2 2014.

Don’t forget to download our NEW APP HERE! For the iPad or iPhone your going to use it in the states and when traveling.


Want some really Good and Easy recipes? Check out Chef Reilly as we find some great recipes and cook thru the Bible.


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Greg and Jennifer’s Grandfather started Maranatha Tours Inc. in 1974 and they want to share that experience with you with a weekly show with special guests, exciting questions, and a fun spin on biblical travels. Greg “The Chef” Reilly also hosts a cooking show where we get to see some amazing dishes being made. Easy, fun and all you can make at home. You can Go to www.mtitravelchannel to view all of our shows and how to travel on a Trip of a Lifetime through the Bible.

Maranatha Tours was founded by Richard S. Reilly and Michael S. Reilly to promote Christian group travel. Dick Reilly’s unique background as a missionary in India, director of a mission society for 16 years, pastor, evangelist and a Youth for Christ leader, brought unusual insight into the ways and means of successful group travel. Though Dick has passed on, his Christian philosophy used in establishing Maranatha lives on. Throughout our 39 years in the travel business we have been and will continue to be committed to the Christian traveling public. Dicks Grandchildren Greg and Jennifer Reilly are now with Maranatha Tours Inc. carrying on his mission.

Our expertise, from guides to spiritual enhancements, makes Maranatha the choice for a spriritual journey.

The Holy Land is our specialty, but did you know …
When you think of Maranatha Tours, your first thought is probably a memorable trip to the Holy Land. We have been doing that successfully for more than 39 years, and continue to have groups take that special journey.
But did you know we offer tours to other places that are important to our Christian heritage? Like Italy, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, London, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and many more. These trips emphasize the rich history and introduce you to people and places that have made an impact in History and how we practice our faith today. To see firsthand the sites where ordinary men and women took stands for their faith that often cost them everything is truly humbling and inspiring. Combine that with tours of quaint villages, beautiful cathedrals and spectacular scenery, and you have an unforgettable journey.

You can join us for one of our co-hosted tours, or customize any of them to fit your particular needs and plans. As always, we at Maranatha will assist you with all the details to make sure you have the best experience possible. So read the descriptions, choose your favorite, and then contact us for the adventure of a lifetime!

Thanks for traveling with us!

Greg Reilly

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