Travel With Purpose Exodus Egypt & Jordan Maranatha Tours

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Travel With Purpose Exodus Egypt & Jordan Maranatha Tours

— 8 Day Exodus Tour Egypt and Jordan—
Starting at : 3,399.00
Pre Extension : Nile Cruise or Luxor Starting at 899.00

Our Egypt and Jordan Exodus tours are Biblically based and our guides are knowledgeable of the scriptures based around the tour. Each day, our passengers enjoy a wonderful breakfast of fresh authentic cultural food and finish their day with an amazing dinner. At each stop our tour guides will share with your passengers the history of the landmark. Along with great food, history and culture, our tours are educational and informative.
Our Tour Includes:
Pyramids of Giza
Pyramids of Chephren
Camel Ride
Papyrus Institute
Egyptian Museum
Cross the Suez Canal
St. Catherine's monastery
Mt. Sinai (optional hike)
The Red Sea
Ferry Boat to Aqaba
Rose Red Seir Mountains
St. George's Church
Mt. Nebo
Bethany "beyond the Jordan"
Jordan River

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HELLO, GOODBYE,  AND THANK YOU are the most common phrases you will use when Traveling throughout the Middle East.


  • Hebrew - Shalom. (shah-lohm; Hello; peace.)
  • Arabic - Ahlan ( ah-lahn. welcome)  or marHaban MARR-hah-bah. (hello; greetings


  • Hebrew -  Shalom. (shah-lohm; Peace.) or  Kol Tuv. (kohl toov; Be well.)
  • Arabic – Wada’an (wa de han; Goodbye)

Thank You

  • Hebrew - Toda (toh-Dah ; Thanks) or Toda Raba (Toe-DAH ruh-BAH;  Thank you very much)
  • Arabic – Shokran (shoo-kran; Thank You)

Maranatha Tours Tour Guide Travel Book

In the Maranatha Tour Guide you will find itineraries, dates and prices for a few of the tours we have traveling Though The Bible. If after looking at the Tour Guide you find that the dates do not work with your schedule, please let us know. We will then see if we have other tours available that will match your needs. We have groups traveling throughout the year that might be a good fit.
Also, we have listed other trips that our Tour Hosts allowed us to show on our website. Please visit and click Hosted Tours. Look for the dates you would like to go and see if there is space available on your requested tour. Each Tour Host listed is excited about you joining them on their trip of a lifetime.

If you would like to sign up for one of the enclosed tours, simply fill out the reservation form and return it along with your deposit to our office. We will then send you additional information regarding the tour.

If you are a Tour Host or Clergy: Join us on a ‘Your Tour’ customized to your exact specifications. Tour where and how you like. You can build the cost on a large or small group, with minimal increase for the latter. Other factors such as departure dates, length of tour, additional destinations, classification of hotels, site selection, specific guide requests and special times for study and devotion can be included in the planning of ‘your’ tour. We look forward to hearing from you and serving you on YOUR “Trip of a Lifetime.”

Travel With Purpose We Will Travel Again Maranatha Tours

Travel With Purpose Exodus Egypt & Jordan Maranatha Tours

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