Where were the Dead Sea Scrolls found Israel Tours

The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in a series of twelve caves around the site known as Wadi Qumran (cave 4, where ninety percent of the scrolls were found) between 1946 and 1956 by Bedouin shepherds and a team of archeologists. Qumran is located near the Dead Sea in the West Bank (of the Jordan River).

Many thousands of written fragments have been discovered in the Dead Sea area. They represent the remnants of larger manuscripts damaged by natural causes or through human interference, with the vast majority only holding small scraps of text. However, a small number of well-preserved, almost intact manuscripts have survived  among those from the Qumran Caves.

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Where were the Dead Sea Scrolls found Israel Tours


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Maranatha Tours Travel Guide 2017-2019 Book


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Maranatha Tours Travel Guide 2017-2019 Book

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Where were the Dead Sea Scrolls found Israel Tours

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